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Natura 2000

Agios Mamas - HalkidikiAgios Mamas – Halkidiki

Wetlands, those who have not completely degraded by man, full of life. Particularly remarkable is the abundance of aquatic birds that find their places for breeding, nesting, feeding and resting. Many of the species are migratory and protected directly or indirectly by international conventions (eg Ramsar, Bern, Rio) and European Directives (p.ch.79 / 409 / EEC on wild birds).

Also, many wetlands are protected by national legislation, the Ramsar Convention and included in the European network of protected areas Natura 2000.

The lagoon of Saint Mamas in Halkidiki is a “Site of Community Protection” and “Special Protection Area” Natura 2000 code GR1270004. The lagoon is located near Agios Mamas in the area of Nea Moudania and occupies an area of 6.332 acres.

The water is brackish lagoon, vegetation low and the area presents a picture of a sandy heath. The wetland fed, bred and wintering many remarkable birds. Features are also some mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

The lagoon is threatened by the reduction of water due to drought, the overexploitation of groundwater, the construction of roads and houses.